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China Guardian Hong Kong Autumn Auctions 2018 - Newsletter

The China Guardian Hong Kong Autumn Auctions 2018 will take place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 2nd to 3rd October. For a sneak peek of the remarkable offerings this season, check out the latest issue of the China Guardian Newsletter now available via the QR code below. Highlights include Landscape after Wang Meng by ZHANG Daqian, 06.10.68 by ZAO Wou-Ki, a fine and extremely rare Ge-type "Bagua" moonflask of the Yongzheng Period, an elegant jadeite, ruby and diamond necklace as well as a leisurely-styled huanghuali waistless daybed of the late Ming/early Qing Period.

6 feature articles:

  • Splendor of Dynamic Colours, Sensual Pulsation Between Nature and Life - 06.10.68, the masterpiece at the pinnacle of Zao Wou-Ki’s creativity
  • If Life Could Start All Over Again - A Wu Guanzhong classic, outstanding oil painting from the Nineties: Forgetful Snow
  • My Youth My Neverland - The magnificent Submarines in Girl by Yoshitomo Nara
  • Appreciation Guide - Coloured Diamonds as a New Form of Investment
  • Jadeite: Grandeur of Nature
  • An Imperial Object that Satisfies the Heart's Desire


Besides the above-mentioned, the Newsletter shows many other magnificent lots not to be missed. Please click HERE to access the electronic version of the Newsletter.


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