China Guardian Hong Kong 2017 Spring Auctions l Total sales of HKD 326,397,660

HONG KONG, 1st June 2017– After two days exhibitions and two days auctions, China Guardian Hong Kong 2017 Spring Auctions presented 8 sessions with over 1300 beautiful art pieces, and have successfully completed with the total sales of HKD 326,397,660, including the outstanding masterpiece of arts from Wu Guanzhong, namely Village in Guizhou sold for HKD 23,150,000 on 30 May.

The auctions cover eight major categories including Chinese Painting and Calligraphy from the Four Seas; Classical Chinese Painting and Calligraphy; Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art; Classic Furniture from the Hung Collection; Classic Furniture of the Ming and the Qing Dynasties;  Virtue & Purity: A Selection of Fine Chinese Jade Carvings; Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art; Ancient Chinese Ceramics from the Tang to the Song Dynasty.

China Guardian (HK) has made the remarkable result in this spring auction. The top seller of this Auction, “Village in Guizhou” by Wu Guanzhong, which sold for HKD 23,150,000, attracted enthusiastic bids from numerous collectors, including collectors from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe and North America. Besides that, collectors from Japan, US, Australia and other countries also bided actively in the auction. It shows the trust and connection between China Guardian and all of our buyer.

Ms. Hu Yanyan, the president of China Guardian (HK) said, “China Guardian Hong Kong 2017 Spring Auctions have successfully completed. There is nearly thousands of artwork found its new owner. It seems that China Guardian has already been the representative of the collection of Chinese Arts.” 

There are plenty of outstanding lots selling with high auction price, including the masterpiece from Wu Guanzhong namely Village in Guizhou, Mountian in Spring by Zhang Daqian, white lotus, Self-portrait, Beauty and The red cherry, Beautiful lady, insect sketches by Qi Baishi’s. Sunrise in Tai Mountain and  landscape after Du Fu’s poem by Lu Yanshao, the peacock by Gao Jianfu, and also few masterpieces from Guan Liang and Feng Zikai also getting a remarkable result. It shows that there are various types of art objects getting much more popular in this auction.

Another session including the Chinese Ceramics and jade carving and furniture are also having a great sale, for example, a Cizhou Russet-painted Black-glazed Vase, Yu Hu Chun Ping, a pair of Huanghuali Tapered-Stile Cabinets, a Rare Jade Figure of a Mythical Beast, Bixie, an Important Lemon-Yellow-Enamelled ‘Chrysanthemum’ dish which show that the demand of Chinese works of Arts at Hong Kong is increasing.


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