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2017 Autumn Auctions
Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art

WU DAYU (1903-1988)
Untitled II-411(Painted approximately in 1970-1980s)

Crayon on paper

14.5×10 cm 5 3/4×26 3/8 in

2007, Wu Dayu—Works on Paper I, Lin & Keng Gallery, Taipei, p.72
2010, Wu Dayu Works on Paper II, Lin & Keng Gallery, Taipei, p.233
Private collection, AsiaAs the pioneer of modern abstract painting, Wu Dayu has brilliantly integrated western abstract techniques with the oriental artistic concept. Inspired by the modern thinking in the west, Wu researches and appreciates the oriental art language. In an inventive artistic form that combines the west and the east, he has created an absolute beauty of roaming rhythm. While serving as the director of the western art at the Hangzhou Art College (now the China Academy of Art), Wu Dayu, together with Lin Fengmian, promoted the brand-new artistic style, cultivated students with a heuristic teaching method, of whom are renowned art masters such as Wu Guanzhong and Zao-Wouki. This has created a new look of Chinese modern paintings.
The crayon drawings by Wu Dayu hold a special position in his career. The two works on sale are rarely found excellence. In the work Untitled I-413(Lot784), against the bright colors of red and bule, the artist composes the abstract images in a speedy manner. With the help of flowing hues and rhymatic shapes, the painting displays a fancy world where flowers meet with the water line far in the horizon, of pulse beating with life. In the other work Untitled II-411(Lot783), Wu highlights the “intentional momentum” under his brush. In the warm and cold contrast of the red and blue lines, it presents the mixture of Chinese calligraphic and the western brushworks. The central grey and special tendency of the green curves are leading viewer’s sight, to make the “lines” not only the fomular to shape the physical images, but also the perceivable, tangible and realitic content in the painting, where a woman’s face is legible, with her sweeping eye lashes smart and adorable. This concrete depiction is barely seen Wu’s crayon colored art. In these two works, the brush strokes have fulfilled the artist’s intention in an effective approach. The shapes across with hues illustrate the charm and elegence from the west and the east, to well present the style and glamour of the master of modernism.
As for the crayon colored creation, Wu Dayu has profound understanding and experience. He has been practising techniques in creation, and turning the materials into the object of appreciation, creating an artistic concept with intention, and making compositions by purposes. As an example, the two work on sale witness his initial attempt on abstract creation, with details revealing the artist’s trace of thought transiting from the concrete to the abstract. The red and bule is highly saturated but not glaring, reserving the temperate quality of the Chinese culture. The depiction of plants are simplified and free handed, to control the rational experience manuvored by sensitive intuiation, which makes the two paintings echo each other, featuring a visual quality mixing the scenery, composition, hues and the calligraphic writing.

Price estimate:
HKD: 130,000 – 180,000
USD: 16,700 – 23,100

Auction Result:
HKD: 153,400



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