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2017 Autumn Auctions
The Schoeni Family Collection

Guo Wei (B.1960)
Splash Series No.11 & No.12(Painted in 1996)

Oil on canvas

40 × 30 cm × 2 15 3/4 × 11 3/4 in.× 2

Signed in English and dated on bottom right(each piece)

1997, 8+8-1: Selected Paintings by 15 Contemporary Artists, Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong, p.96
20 Jun – 12 Jul 1997,8+8-1:Selected Paintings by 15 Contemporary Artists,Schoeni Art Gallery,Hong Kong
1998,8+8-1:Selected Paintings by 15 Contemporary Artists,Connaught Brown Gallery,London

This work is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity issued by Schoeni Art Gallery,Hong KongUnique Vision of Guo Wei
Guo Wei was born in Chengdu,Sichuan in 1960.He graduated from the Printmaking Department of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 1989.His work was featured in the 1992 Guangzhou Biennial Art Fair,where achieved award nomination,providing him with his first edge in the art world.The following year,he was bestowed the academic award at the First Biennial Exhibition of Chinese Oil Paintings.From the mid-1990’s through today,he has been an active participant in the international art scene,holding solo exhibitions in Japan,Singapore,the United Kingdom,the United States,and France.The fundamental characteristics of Guo Wei’s art are his exaggeration of realism and his performance-centric themes.He portrays the desire and emptiness in the hearts of city dwellers through depicting them in a semi-dynamic state and bringing out a sense of alienation and resistance.His works are full of absurd humor,establishing Guo Wei’s unique and personalized style.
The paintings in this auction of Splash Series No.11 & 12 focus on urban children and adolescents going through puberty,forming a metaphor for the transition of Chinese society caused by the cultural impact of the west after opening up to the world that the artist is currently experiencing.The characters in the paintings are naked or half naked,in the middle of open and bold actions,brimming with provocative posture and attitude,going against that which is not accepted by traditional standards.They embody the collective rebellious spirit of the younger generation and the children of a one-child family,as well as their disobedience to traditional mores.The artist utilizes a kinetic-like composition to strengthen the theatrical body language of the characters,speaking to the idea that it is in this very manner that each young person digests the impact of the western culture in the face of social development and showing their deep inner anxieties that come along with it.In the words of Guo Wei,“The scenes in these painting do not point towards a specific period in time,but instead portray a sort of condemnation of depersonalized and alienated interpersonal relationship in modern-day society.In simple term,‘people’ are being portrayed as a cultural issue.”

Price estimate:
HKD: 20,000 – 50,000
USD: 2,600 – 6,400

Auction Result:
HKD: 56,640



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