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2017 Autumn Auctions
The Schoeni Family Collection

Zhang Linhai (B.1963)
Shepherd Series No.2(Painted in 1996)

Oil on canvas

200 × 250 cm 78 3/4 × 98 3/8 in.

Signed in Chinese and English,dated on bottom right;titled in Chinese,dated,signed in Chinese and English on reverse

2005, Zhang Linhai, Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong, p.51
2008, Chinese Artists Today— Zhang Linhai, Today Art MUSeum, Beijing, p.86
2010, The Fading Sun—Zhang Linhai, Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong, p.10
2 Oct 2002– 12 Jan 2003,ChinArt,MKM Küppersmühle MUSeum,Duisburg,Germany
1 Feb – 17 Apr 2003,ChinArt,MUSeum of Contemporary Art of Rome,Rome,Italy
19 Jun – 2Nov 2003,ChinArt,Ludwig MUSeum,Budapest,Hungary
Jan 26 – 31 Mar 2004,ChinArt,Stadtgalerie,Bydgoszcz,Poland
Sep 2004,ChinArt,Palma de Mallorca,Valencia,Spain
10 May – 3 Jul 2005,Light and Shadow—a Three Man Show,MKM Küppersmühle MUSeum,Duisburg,Germany
2008,Stunned Speechless,Today Art Museum,Beijing

This work is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity with artist’s signature issued by Schoeni Art Gallery,Hong KongVision of Mind by Zhang Linhai
My acquaintance with Manfred was predestined,masked as a coincidence in disguise.A photo of my painting tied us two formers strangers together,like two separate streams that finally meet and run into one river.At our first meeting,he struck me as an easy-going person who had an attractive appearance,healthy body,perpetually spirited and optimistic outlook.As we got to know each other better,it was those very qualities that began to eager him to me.I believed that the key to his success lay in the humanity he expressed when dealing with people and when conducting business,coupled with his love for his job,his diligence and his sharp artistic judgement.These rare qualities served as the cornerstone for his approach to life.Every time I travelled overseas for an exhibition,no matter where I went I was always well taken care of by Manfred.His care awakened my long insensitive soul,talent and I regarded this as the only good fortune that I had in my life.
On April morning in Hong Kong in 2004,I waited at the entrance of a hotel for a friend to take me to the railway station for the train back to Beijing.To my surprise Manfred turned up in his racecar,a beaming smile on his face and my friend in the passenger seat.Though this was only a small gesture,the fact that her was such a busy man and had still managed to come added even greater weight to our friendship.
─Zhang Lin Hai
As in most cases,coincidence plays a large part in finding new talents.With Zhang Lin Hai,it was exactly that.
On the plane to Shanghai to visit my restaurant ASHANTI DOME,a small picture in the culture section of a magazine caught my attention.Upon arrival,I jumped into a taxi not heading to my restaurant,but to a tiny shop where an exhibition of Zhang Lin Hai was held.Unfortunately,due to space limitation,there was no exhibition but a catalogue.
Zhang Lin Hai’s paintings are unlike that of any other contemporary artist I have known.Raised by his adopted farmer parents in the countryside of Hebei province,Zhang Lin Hai turns the village landscape from his childhood memories into a surrealist setting,dramatizing it with juxtapositions of cold stone structures and blooming fields of vegetation.Having endured a severe sickness at a young age which left him crippled,Zhang Lin Hai did not have an easy past.Today,his artistic dreams are realized,Zhang Lin Hai’s mysterious paintings have attracted worldwide attention amongst collectors.
─Manfred Schoeni
Zhang Linhai was born in Shanghai in 1963.He was plagued with ill fate from a young age,with his parents abandoning him when he was one year old.He was adopted as an orphan by a married couple who were both teachers in the village of Shexian in Hebei.When he was five years old,he came down with seriously disease that left him with a disability in his right foot.Despite the illness,he still persevered in his studies.In 1969,Zhang’s adoptive parents were denounced during the Cultural Revolution.As a young boy,he relished in observing people and their emotions,which provided him with a deep understanding of the world around him.In 1980,Zhang attended art classes at the Handan Mass Art Museum.Under the guidance of his teacher,he established a solid foundation of painting skill.While studying there,he met painter Fang Lijun,and together they created a special landscape of Zhang Linhai’s mountainous Shexian village.This painting has a surreal context,portraying bare stone hillsides and stone houses,like a barren land during a drought.Underneath the surface,this painting symbolizes the experiences of his childhood years.Zhang’s artistic creations often feature bald-headed figures,which serve as an incarnation of himself,and are an expression of his observations of the real world.In 1986,Zhang Linhai enrolled in the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts where he majored in engraving.His 1989 works Strange Northern Wilderness and Preaching of Buddha series were selected for the Seventh National Art Exhibition and the National Youth Engravings Exhibition in China.Preaching of Buddha was awarded a Gold prize and was inducted into the collection of the Shanghai Museum.That same year,he held a solo exhibition at the Beijing Spring and Summer Hanmo Art Gallery.In 2002,Zhang gained the recognition of Manfred Schoeni,manager of the Schoeni Art Gallery.From 2002 through 2010,the Schoeni Art Gallery held five solo exhibitions of Zhang Linhai’s work,establishing his reputation within art circles in China and around the world.Painting served as an outlet for the life and dreams of Zhang Linhai;no matter what life threw at him,he always fought back and dedicated to his pursuit of art.In 2015,he held a solo exhibition at the Singapore Contemporary Art Museum,and was invited the following year to do an exhibition at the National Gallery of Art in Jakarta.His unique and creative artistic vocabulary garnered great attention among the public.
Zhang Linhai’s large-scale work Shepherd Series No.2(2002)is a fantastic example of his artistic style.In the lowlands of the wilderness,amidst a large field of red sorghum,hundreds of bald children sit in a circle.It is as if they are conducting a ritual in silent meditation,contemplating the history of the past and the future ahead.A strong spiritual power emanates from the center of the circle outward.The artwork characterizes a dialogue of the philosophy,religion,and reality within the artist’s soul.Famous Chinese art curator Li Xianting describes Zhang’s art as such:“Zhang Linhai’s work is full of bitterness and gloom,but also reveals a silver of hope that emerges from among the desperation.His works embrace surrealist elements with a realist perspective,giving them an imagery and realism similar to that of classical Chinese poetry.” Upon completion of the work,it was procured by Manfred Schoeni.He hung the work of art on the wall of his private office at the gallery.Over the course of its ten years on display,perhaps one day in this work of contemporary Chinese art he saw glimmers of hope,light,and faith as well as the strength and persistence of people in the face of difficulties.

Price estimate:
HKD: 200,000 – 300,000
USD: 25,600 – 38,500

Auction Result:
HKD: 354,000



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