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2019 Spring Auctions
Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art

Shi Jin-Hua (b.1964)
Pen Walking #167(Executed in 2014 – 2019)

Pencil, paper, digital output and document

125.7 × 125.4 cm. 49 1/2 x 49 3/8 in.42 × 29.7 cm. (Document)

Private Collection, Asia

This work is accompanied by an explanation document and a certificate of authenticity issued by Taipei Mind Set Arts Center with signature of the artist

Life of Pen Walking Shows Her Views on Life
The Art Walker—Shi Jin-Hua
Shi Jin-Hua was born in Penghu, Taiwan in 1964, graduated from Department of Fine Arts in National Taiwan Normal University and obtained the Master of Art in Creative Arts degree from the University of California in 1996. Being one of the very few conceptual performance artists in Taiwan, Shi Jin-Hua’s life experience and feelings are reflected in her creation. He used his talents and extraordinary willpower to deduce an ascetic work. His excellent works are collected in the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Australia White Rabbit Collection and so on. Also, he was invited to join the HK Basel and Taipei Biennial and Asian Art Biennial and got the 10th Li Chun-Shan Foundation Visual Arts Award and Taipei Arts Award.
Measuring the Fingerprint of Life
One of Shi’s works is the Pen Walking Series when he studied at the University of California in 1994. He walked the pen on the paper unregularly until its ink was used out. At the end, he kept the pen and the traces of the pen walking on the paper and recorded the material message during the process in documental form to serve as its label. The new creation, Pen Walking#167, which was finished in 2019, is full of pen walking traces and the artist’s fingerprint that indicate measuring the mark of life. Before creating, Shi Jin-Hua printed the fingerprint of her little finger, scanned onto the paper, and then he started the pen walking motions. Here, one pen symbolizes "one's life". Every line represents a person leaving a trace when they are alive, and the fingerprint is a witness to that life. The pen's life walks a unique fingerprint, and people spend all their life creating a unique identity.

Price estimate:
HKD: 90,000 - 150,000
USD: 11,500 - 19,200

Auction Result:
HKD: 129,800



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