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Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art

Zheng Lu (b.1978)
Revelation(Executed in 2008)

Stainless Steel Sculpture Edition: 6/8

97 x 78 x 67 cm. 38 1/5 x 30 5/7 x 26 3/8 in.

Signed in Chinese and numbered on bottom of the backside

2009, Interpreting Nonexistence: Sculptures by Zheng Lu, New Age Gallery, Beijing & Taichung, p.173
12 Sep – 6 Oct 2009, Interpreting Nonexistence – Zheng Lu Solo Exhibition, New Age Gallery, Beijing

Private Collection, Asia

Beneath a Clear Heart

Returning from the study at the École Nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, Zheng Lu re-examined the aesthetics of oriental sculptures, and made a bold attempt to create stainless-steel sculptures in the shape of Chinese characters. In recent years, he has held exhibitions at major art institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei. Having gained a worldwide reputation, his works are in institutional collections including the Long Museum in Shanghai, Suzhou Museum, and UBS Art Collection. Completed in 2008, Revelation is a representative work of the artist. Blending calligraphic form with Buddhist thought, the work is endowed with the beauty of clarity and nothingness.

Chinese character is the key component of Zheng's sculptures. He separates the characters from the plain text and transforms them into three-dimensional images. In the work, Revelation, Zheng has shaped a Buddha figure with calligraphic characters, symbolizing the process of the Buddhist scripture conveying Buddhism thoughts, and then arousing Buddhism beliefs. From the gap between the intensive strokes, negative space has emerged. The combination of material characters and intangible inner structure has led to the integrity of the sculpture's form and meaning.

The representation of the concept of “nothingness” lies the foundation of Zheng's sculptures. Apart from the hollow structure, Revelation integrates Buddhism and turns into a spiritual symbol. By emptying the solid body of the sculpture, the Buddha image appears light and transparent, embodying an inner world of “nothingness.” With the characters on the exterior and a clear heart on the interior, Zheng has conveyed the artistic conception of sculpture through poetic imagery and profound thoughts.

Price estimate:
HKD: 120,000 – 250,000
USD: 15,300 – 31,900

Auction Result:
HKD: 330,400



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