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Chiho Aoshima (b.1974)
Lotus Child(Executed in 2010)

Oil paint, acrylic, synthetic resin, fiberglass and iron sculpture Edition: 1/3 + 2 A.P.

40 × 49 × 49cm. 15 3/4 × 191/4 × 191/4 in.

EXHIBITED (different colour and edition)
26 Sep – 14 Nov 2020, Our Tears Shall Fly Off Into Outer Space——Chiho Aoshima Solo Exhibition, Perrotin Gallery, Hong Kong
3 – 17 Aug 2021, Online Viewing Salon——Wildflower, Perrotin Gallery, Hong Kong

Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery, Miami
Acquired directly by present Asian collector from the above

This work is accompanied by an electronic purchase invoice from Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Miami

The Rippling Clear Waves Reflecting the New Lotus
The Old And New Look of Chiho Aoshima

“My work reflects my thoughts, flying around in the universe, hasn't been concretized yet.”
——Chiho Aoshima

Born in Japan in 1974, Chiho Aoshima graduated from the Department of Economics at Hosei University in Tokyo. Driven by her love of artistic creation, she taught herself at school. With her success in computer graphics creations, she finally decided to devote herself to becoming an artist. Takashi Murakami found her talent and once described her works as “She is looking forward to a fusion of nature……and furthermore, the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.” Through the pure and images that surpass the secular issues, she brings the viewer's thinking into the meditation of silence and beauty. In the 2001 Super Flat exhibition at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, she became famous for her superb digital works debuted around the world.

In recent years, Aoshima has begun to introduce sculptures, paper, and other artistic media in her creations to continuously expand her creative boundaries. The world and characters created by Aoshima contains obvious feminine and spiritual qualities, deeply influenced by Japanese religion and culture. Her works are based on Shinto beliefs, folk customs, and traditional Japanese art. The Lotus Child presented this time could be seen as an example.

An Ode to the Lotus, the Love of the Double-sided Growth

Lotus Child completed in 2010 is a rare sculpture of Aoshima. With the emerald-green lotus leaf as the base and the playful and lovely girl with a blooming lotus as the main body, she creates a wonderful artistic conception full of the collision of Eastern and Western elements. In the work, the lines of each petal of the lotus flower are clearly visible, crystal clear, delicate, and beautiful. The exquisite spray paint perfectly shows her moisturizing body, young and healthy. The protagonist has her eyes wide open, seemingly curious and extremely naive. The lotus leaves stretch naturally as if they were rippling with the water.

In Lotus Child, Aoshima organically combines the current young and lively fashion toys with the image of the lotus flower in the traditional oriental culture, filling it with infinite vitality. Although it breaks away from the shackles of the tradition, it still allows people to feel the weight and calmness of the classic image. In Japan, the lotus symbolizes the purity of the trinity of body, words and deeds, and spirit. The lotus leaf represents the body, the “carrier” of those mentioned above; the innocent and gentle girl represents the words and deeds of people; whereas the lotus standing on top of the two matches the spiritual world at the highest position. The distinctive three harmoniously unify and stand for the artist's vivid interpretation of Japanese religious culture, echoes the tradtional heriage with contempory element that make Aoshima outstanding among her contemporaries.

Price estimate:
HKD: 220,000 - 320,000
USD: 28,300 - 41,100

Auction Result:
HKD: 264,000



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