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Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art

Maki Hosokawa (b.1980)
Campbell's Da Vinci Soup(Painted in 2021)

Acrylic on canvas

91 × 73 cm. 35 7/8 × 28 3/4 in.

Titled in Japanese, signed in English, numbered and dated on the reverse

2021, Maki Hosokawa Art Works 2021, Gallery Cellar, Tokyo, p.21
25 Jan – 10 Feb 2022, Maki Hosokawa, Gallery Cellar, Tokyo

Gallery Cellar, Tokyo
Private Collection, Asia

Note: a label of Tokyo Cellar Gallery is affixed on the reverse

Art History Presented by a Young Girl
Campbell's Da Vinci Soup - Maki Hosokawa Pays Tribute to the Classic Masterpiece

Japanese artist Maki Hosokawa, who was born in the late 80s, is extremely talented, won a bronze medal at the GENSAI Art Festival organized by Takashi Murakami when she was 24, which brought her a lot of attention. She specializes in using classical paintings as inspirational elements, adding her own whimsy to them, and depicting them in a Japanese flat style. This year's auction presents her major masterpiece, Campbell's Da Vinci Soup, which combines the works of Leonardo da Vinci and Andy Warhol, two leading artists from different regions and representing different genres, to show Hosokawa's ingenuity in breaking new ground in art.

The composition is based on the highly recognizable Campbell's Soup Cans by the Pop master Andy Warhol, and the pink background is decorated with polka dots, showing Warhol's famous silkscreen prints technique. The packaging of the soup can is inspired by the classic human-scale of Leonardo da Vinci, The Vitruvian Man: a young girl in a shirt with a ponytail in the centre as the logo of the soup can. At the bottom, 13 young women with different hair and clothes sit together at a long table, just like Leonardo da Vinci's other masterpiece The Last Supper, also like a women's tea party in Japanese culture, giving a relaxed and happy atmosphere. The food on the long table all became Campbell's soup cans, demonstrating Hosokawa's ingenious capture and personalization of the classic elements in the masterpiece. A chapter of art history from the past to the present, from the west to the east, is slowly unfolded with a gentle touch.

Price estimate:
HKD: 120,000 – 220,000
USD: 15,300 – 28,000

Auction Result:
HKD: 348,000



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