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Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art

Zhang Yingnan (b.1981)
The Sea(Painted in 2018)

Oil on canvas

170 × 130 cm. 66 7/8 × 51 1/8 in.

Titled, dated and signed in Chinese on the reverse
8 Dec 2018 – 13 Jan 2019, Faraway - Zhang Yingnan Solo Exhibition, Soka Art, Taipei
27 – 31 Mar 2019, Art Basel Hong Kong 2019, Soka Art, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

Soka Art, Taipei
Acquired directly by present important private Asian collector from the above

A Splash of Majestic Blue under the Dome of the Sky
Zhang Yingnan’s Sea of Light

Zhang Yingnan is unequivocally one of the most popular contemporary artists of the post-80s. In structured and organized composition, his art reveals an ambience of a fantasy, beautifully guiding viewers to their expansive imagination. Zhang graduated in 2005 at Xi’an Fine Arts Academy with a major in Oil Painting. Following, he went to Beijing for further exploration. The change of environment transformed his perspective and adds a sense of delicacy and compassion. In the space constructed, he incorporated colours and imagery that evokes memory, sensibility and emotions. The visual impact in the painting leads viewers into a world of peace, and solitude. It is a subject that is rare at exhibitions and fairs, and popular with many collectors. In our upcoming auction we present The Sea, an outstanding work completed in 2018. As an iconic work of Zhang’s, the painting was not only exhibited in Soka Art Taipei, at the solo exhibition Faraway, and also featured at Art Basel Hong Kong in 2019. It was on the front page of Art Basel's Instagram. Such a strong recognition celebrates Zhang’s impact and status in the industry.  

The Free Soul of the Blue Sea

Geometric structure forms a gray tunnel in The Sea. The skylight is depicted at the background and far-end of the tunnel, where a beam of light shines in to brighten up the otherwise dark space. The walls are painted with light pink, grass green and pastel blue tones, while the centre, represented as the floor, reflects a square of azure light. As a contrast with the rest of the muted colours, this pop of colour adds the ambience of a science fiction movie. In the entire painting, the presence of the human subject is absent, leaving the space as silent and solemn as a temple. Furthermore, Zhang leaves viewers with a visual puzzle: the visible incoming of light and the reflections on the walls form an X shaped shadow overlap, while the centre of the tunnel seems to have a piece of transparent glass, challenging the existing senses, as if telling the subconscious the misty longing to escape from loneliness. 

Zhang delicately utilizes the concept of "Sea of Light" to express a pure land from loneliness and grayness. Playing on the word of sea, it is undoubtedly represented by the area of blue, a reference to the vast, uncontaminated blue sea. Through simple walls and beautiful light, Zhang Yingnan gently reminds us that beauty is everywhere and freedom of mind is within our reach as long as we are attentive in our lives.

Price estimate:
HKD: 300,000 – 500,000
USD: 38,300 - 63,900

Auction Result:
HKD: 576,000



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