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Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art

Pang Jiun (b.1936)
Flowing River View from the Mountain(Painted in 2010)

Oil on canvas

72.7 × 91 cm. 28 5/8 × 35 7/8 in.

Signed in Chinese and dated on bottom right
Private Collection, Asia

This work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist

Nature's Brilliance
Celebrating Pang Jiun's Artistic Life

Born into a prominent artistic family in Shanghai, Pang Jiun's parents were exceptional modern Chinese painters during the early Republic of China era, leading significant advancements in modern Chinese art. Pang Jiun, deeply influenced by his family, received education from Lin Fengmian and Yan Wenliang in 1949 and later became a disciple of Xu Beihong at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1953. Immersed in the atmosphere of artistic expression, he combined the essence of Chinese ink painting with Western oil painting techniques, culminating in his ultimate artistic exploration. In this Spring auction, we present two representative masterpieces showcasing Pang Jiun's expertise in landscapes and still life: Flowing River View from the Mountain (Lot 83) and Romantic Pink (Lot 84).

Simple and Clear, a Gaze into the Soul

The renowned Japanese critic Tomika Akira once praised Pang Jiun's works for embodying the characteristics of Eastern Expressionism. With a rich literati atmosphere, Pang Jiun's works emphasise the power of lines and harmony in the composition rather than conflicts, reflecting the aesthetic style of the Eastern world. Through depictions of nature, he infused his inner emotions to convey the life philosophy of traditional Chinese literati. Although using Western oil painting techniques, Pang Jiun's works consistently exude a subtle and elegant atmosphere, leaving viewers reluctant to depart, truly embodying the essence of Eastern aesthetics. This is impeccably showcased in the masterpiece completed in 2010, Flowing River View from the Mountain. With Pang Jiun's distinctive grey tones, he elegantly portrayed a simple and spacious landscape. The flowing river beyond the realms of earth and sky illustrates the broad-mindedness of life. As emotions are projected onto the scenery and imaginatively tailored, the artwork gradually expands into a melody with rhythmical variations, inviting viewers to wander through the scene, feeling a sense of joy and satisfaction.

Flourishing Flowers, Exuding Fragrance

Apart from landscape themes, Pang Jiun dedicated himself to the expressive use of colours, incorporating techniques from Western Impressionism and Fauvism into a freehand style. The masterpiece Romantic Pink, created in the same year, stands as an extraordinary example of his mastery in colour manipulation. The painting features a bouquet of pale pink roses flourishing in different directions, expressing the elegance and charm of life. Different from Western artists who emphasise contrasting colour compositions, Pang Jiun showcased refined colour choices derived from the literati tradition. Additionally, he highlighted celebratory red and green accents on the tablecloth, adding a festive touch to the delicate pink flowers and infusing the artwork with both romantic softness and vibrant exuberance. All colours and forms converge in the brilliance of the blossoming flowers, showcasing an incomparable artistic elegance.

Price estimate:
HKD: 220,000 - 320,000
USD: 28,100 - 40,900

Auction Result:
HKD: 264,000



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