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Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art

Liao Guohe (b.1977)
The Gold Sycee(Painted in 2009)

Acrylic on canvas

50 × 60 cm. 19 3/4 × 23 5/8 in.

Titled in Chinese on middle right; signed in Chinese on the reverse
30 - 31 Jan 2016, Gold Rush, Paramount Ranch, Los Angeles

Bank Gallery, Shanghai
Acquired directly by present important private Asian collector from the above

The Humours of Life
The Debut of Classic Work The Gold Sycee by Liao Guohe

Born in 1977 in Calcutta, India, Liao Guohe has been passionate about the Arts since a young age. Upon graduating from University of California, Santa Barbara in 2001, Liao dived into finding his artistic voice and uniqueness. In short, layered brushwork, Liao's works are filled with black humour and wavering freedom. Liao's rebel styled works have strong references with stylization in the 60's, such as German Expressionism, and Bad Painting that was captivating the United States in the 70's. While general impressions of such style suggest rebel and of riot in nature,and Liao is in fact very attentive to society happenings. The notion of "Bad" may be perceived as lack of talent in the world of dictionary standards, however, it is a return to our truest self, a return to naivety, a breakthrough from societal rules and regulations.

Liao's oeuvre reflects the irony and ridicule of many times, breaking the restraints of tradition, and reconstructs his own artistic kingdom. Among his prolific works, Liao held solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, Sydney, Milan, Beijing and Shanghai, and has been collected by renowned institutions, including M+ Museum, Hong Kong and the White Rabbit Museum in Australia.

The Dynamic "Gold Rush" Threatrics

Since the age of civilization, gold as a symbol of wealth is constantly a source of attraction. From Gold Rush in the United States in the 19th Century, to the soaring gold market in modern times, it resembles more than monetic value, as it has become a symbol and belief. In the upcoming auction, The Gold Sycee, completed in 2009 was exhibited in Liao's solo exhibition, titled Gold Rush in Los Angeles in 2016.

In the painting, Liao reverts back to his childhood sense of wonder. In a sky blue and nurtured grass in sight, a homeless individual has his back towards the viewers. In simple clothing and in bare feet, he holds a large linen bag in his right hand while he searches in the trash bin. The subject's gesture mimics gold miners in the last century, where people from poor communities would try their luck digging, mining, in hopes to find gold, an opportunity given by the divine. In the perspective of the homeless subject, the bin reveals a large piece of treasured gold. Using an x-ray perspective, the reveal not only excites viewers, but also suggests God's perspective. As the saying goes, "one's trash may be another's treasure." There are often two polarized perspectives. It all depends on where you stand and view from, as each has its merit and meaning.

Price estimate:
HKD: 40,000 – 60,000
USD: 5,100 - 7,700

Auction Result:
HKD: --



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