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2015 Autumn Auctions
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LIN FENGMIAN (1900-1991)
Boat By The Shore

Ink and colour on paper

34 x 46.5 cm.13 3/8 x 18 1/4 in.

Signed,dated and inscribed in Chinese; Stamped with one artist’s seal on the center right.

PROVENANCE Former owner Lin Nan Lung received directly from the artist,

Acquired from the family of Lin Nan Lung,

Chinese Classical & Modern Paintings Auction,Christie’s Hong Kong,May 31 2011,Lot 2690.

Acquired from the above auction by the present owner.

Lin Fengmian 1900-1991

The war of resistance against Japan erupted in 1937. In October 10th,National Hanzhou Art College relocated inland and Lin Feng Mian led the faculty and students of Art College to relocate to Jiangxi and Hunan. In spring of the following year,Hanzhou Art College merged with Beijing Art College in Hunan and renamed to National Art College,abolishing principal system and restructured the school affair committee system. Lin Feng Mian served as the committee member but later resigned after involving in disputes with some representatives of the school. After Lin returned to Shanghai and settled his family,he travelled alone to Guizhou and Hanoi,arriving to Chongqing via Yunan. At this time,Lin Feng Mian had already went through difficulties and frustrations and held different perspectives towards life compared with the past. In Chongqing,he avoided the Beipei district where the art and literature persons gathered.

”Boat by the Shore” was created between year 1938 and 1945. Apart from preserving the complete signature(Yu denotes abbreviation for Chongqing City,Republic of China 30 signifies 1941),the work itself also carries the style of the period,where ink painting and color painting became the main style of Lin Feng Mian. The number of oil paintings was reduced and Lin Feng Mian transformed his intense scream and heavy sorrow into tranquil thinking as well as rich and colorful expression. “Boat by the Shore” depicts the fishing board mooring by the isolated lakeshore,where layers of far mountains demonstrate the style with free and extensive ink likes that are poetic and natural. The painting is indicative of Lin Feng Mian’s independent life by lakeshore. Looking into the smeared scenery from ashore due to vaporization inevitably draws some loneliness. Such poetic solitude indeed triggers one’s nostalgia.

Price estimate:
HKD:450,000 - 550,000
USD:58,050 - 70,950

Auction Result:



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