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20th Century and Contemporary Chinese Art

SHIY DEJINN (1923-1981)
Mountain Obscured By A Cloud

Watercolour on paper

43 x 68 cm.16 7/8 x 26 3/4 in.

Signed in Chinese and dated on lower left

LITERATURE The Studio of Shiy De-Jinn,Taipei,Taiwan,SHIY DE JINN 1981,1981,p.35.

SHiY De jinn 1923-1981

As Lin Fengmian’s last and favourite student,ShiyDejinn followed his mentor for three years,and came out first when he graduated from China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. Shiy Dejinn was heavily influenced by Lin Fengmian,and has all his life strived to find a new presentation for Chinese art with a Chinese kind of feeling and emotions. Born and raised in Sichuan,Shiy left his homeland for Taiwan,which he treats as his new homeland. Taiwan’s scenery is one of Shiy’s favourite themes in creation,and he has shown utmost passion and devotion to Taiwan’s rural landscapes. ‘His paint brush and ink are Chinese,and his composition contemporary; his feeling reveals his nationality,and his life Taiwan,’ one says. His creations bear the forms of authentic mountains and waters,but also the grace and charm of ink painting and calligraphy. He has incorporated the spirit of eastern ink painting into western watercolour painting,creating a simple and quiet style of watercolour.

Shiy Dejinn enjoys painting from nature and,with his care observation of it,records the beautiful sceneries he saw while he travels. Sense of the location is the keyin his record of the nature. He creates Chinese landscape paintings with watercolour,greatly simplifying objects,leaving out the contour and the lines of movementwhile adding in flat colour,resulting in a silhouette-like layering effect in his scenic paintings,reminding one of a traditional Chinese screen’s elegance.

‘Mountain Obscured by a Cloud’ was created in 1980. In the painting,the fog is thickening like clouds and waters moving. The big brushes show ever-changing clouds and fog thick and thin,sometimes showing and sometimes obscuring. The flowing fogadorns the layers of the mountain,showing its spirit and charm. Shiy Dejinn never makes drafts. When he faces the magnificent mountains,he gazes at the view and then begins his painting directly. His brushes are careful and yet ferocious,showing both light and shades,as well asstrength and gentleness. Through the embellished layers,one can feel the moving air and the steaming mist,which show the beauty of a hazy morning,as well as the bright,clear sky after rain. At his watercolour paper,the artist is calm like a loner in a mountain,yet his brush strong enough to move a mountain.

Price estimate:
HKD:60,000 - 80,000
USD:7,740 - 10,300

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