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2015 Autumn Auctions
20th Century and Contemporary Chinese Art

Bird Family Under Shade

Ink, acrylic and colour on paper

75.5 x 54.5 cm.29 3/4 x 21 1/2 in.

Signed in Chinese,dated and inscribed “to Dear P. mitchil N.Y.C” on upper right

PROVENANCE Gifted by the artist to Mr. B. Mitchil,

Private Collection,U.S.

Chao Chung-hsiang 1910-1991

The 80s is the most confident and liberal period for Chao Chung-Hsiang paintings. Not only did he held solo exhibitions in Brooklyn Museum and Taipei Fine Arts Museum but also his works gained wide recognition from domestic and international art critics. This sale presents the “Bird Family under Shade” by Zhao in 1980,produced during his career peak. Chao’s skillful painting specifically expresses His “non-western or oriental but somewhat western and oriental” mixed style and vivid personal icon,which further conveys his cherish for traditional culture and love.

Chao builds up a world in complete contrary to the traditional aesthetics:nonmaterialistic,reserved and graceful. The free and unconstrained green rings and irregular florescent color blocks in the center of the painting seem to reveal Chao’s straightforward style influenced by Pop art. The brilliant and dazzling colors become the blossoming fireworks in the sky of night,brightening like a magnetic field that expresses the power of the universe. Chao blends the vertical and horizontal brushing of expressionism with powerful Chinese calligraphy,where four lovely birds lined up in the shadow of bamboo trees. Chao has the passion for drawing birds and they often play the main character in his painting. The birds painted by Chao infuse the quality of oriental and western arts,with the free and pleasure of Matisse and Picasso as well as the poetic expression of Bada Shanren and Lin Feng-Mian.

The birds in “Bird Family under Shade” remain close like a family of three that cuddle up in peace and joy under the protection of bamboo trees,which resembles the artist’s expectation for a family of happiness and is quite intriguing.

Price estimate:
HKD:400,000 - 600,000
USD:51,600 - 77,400

Auction Result:
HKD : 448,400



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