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20th Century and Contemporary Chinese Art

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In anticipation of a new order for contemporary Chinese art in 2015, China Guardian Hong Kong is dedicating its upcoming “20th Century and Contemporary Chinese Art”auction to the profundity of oriental aesthetics so as to celebrate how the pragmatically eclectic synthesis of the East and the West has steadily evolved and sustained from the 20th century to this very day.

By careful design, there are three special focuses for the current quarter.  In the category of 20th century Chinese art, representative masterpieces by Lin Fengmian, Guan Liang, ChuTeh-Chun, Liu Kuo-Sung, Xiao Qin and Ju Ming are showcased to highlight the remarkable accomplishments ofChinese pioneer artists following their exposure to Western Modernism. Among them are gems produced by iconic masters such as Lin Fengmian’s elegant “Modern Beauty”in ink and colour and Guan Liang’s“The Peach Blossom Spring”, a graceful watercolour on silk dating from the 1940s. From the year 1959, there is Chu Teh-Chun’s Composition #16, the vigorous lines of which signify an important watershed in the artist’s career. Complemented by his majestic works from the 1990s, the rare masterpiece serves to assert the diverse character of the internationally acclaimedmaster. Appearing side by side with these is a fine selection of works by artists prominent in the history of Taiwan art. From the hand of Liu Kuo-Sung, the father of Chinese modern ink painting, there is the classic“Moon's Metamorphosis No.76”, dated 1971, from the Moon series. From that of Hsiao Chin, founder of the Ton Fan Art Group, there are oil paintings produced in the 1960s. From that of Ju Ming, there are precious wood carvings from 1976, which are arguably the prototypes of the Taichiseries. 

In the category of contemporary Chinese art, there is Wang Huaiqing’s large-sized Chinese Couch, dated 1999, from the Ming furniture series with its subtle yet alluring palette in a sparse and simple composition. Also borrowing from Ming furniture, Xu Lei’s early work“Suspension”, dated 1998, evokes a unique sense of suspense and mystery by setting Ming yoke back armchairs in a surreal environment. Also included under this category are leading ink experimentalists who have gained worldwide recognition, namely Qiu Deshu who is noted for his fissuring, Zhang Yu for his fingerprints, and Yang Jiechang for his innumerable ink layers, as well as established painters who interpret Eastern aesthetics with Western innovative spirit, namely Yuan Jai, Hao Liang, Li Shan and Hong Ling. 

To enrich the tapestry of innovative oriental art while at the same time presenting Chinese art in the widest possible perspective, the latest auction introduces a third and brand new focus that distinguishes itself with an exceptional selection of masterpieces by Tsuguraru Leonard Foujita, Yayoi Kusama and Izumi Kato, who are invariably top Japanese artists by international standards. Richer in content and gayer in colours when compared with the artist’s single pumpkins, Yayoi Kusama’s “Still Life with Pumpkin”, an early work from the pumpkin series, promises to be a coveted lot with its classic polka dot pumpkin and onions against a background of nets.

Boasting rare early masterpieces of excellent provenance by renowned artist, this upcoming spring auction adopts oriental aesthetics as its theme and is intended for bringing about an elegantly refreshing visual and sensual experience to collectors from all corners of the world.





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