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Rendering Change – A New China under the Brush

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China Guardian (HK) Auctions Co Ltd Co-presenting

Rendering Change – A New China under the Brush

An exhibition co-presented by the M K Lau Collection and China Guardian at the Hong Kong Arts Centre, Pao Galleries from April 3-13, 2015.

China experienced momentous change in the 20th century, and in 1949 the new nation of the People’s Republic of China was established. For thirty years, the internationally renowned M K Lau Collection has assembled a stellar collection of ink paintings documenting important historic and political events of New China. The exhibition’s many landscape paintings show industrial development and agricultural reform and red landscapes show the impact of ideology on art.  Paintings of daily life in New China show communes and work brigades, while portraits depict leaders such as Chairman Mao and include a rare ink image of Lenin. Among the featured paintings are works by many leading 20th century artists, including Lin Fengmian (1900 – 1991), Fu Baoshi (1904 – 1965), Li Keran (1907 - 1989) and Shi Lu (1919 – 1982).



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