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China Guardian 2015 Spring Auctions to kick off

The China Guardian 2015 Spring Auctions will be held May 13 – 20 (Preview is May 13 – 15; auction is May 16 – 20) at the Beijing International Hotel in Beijing. The auctions will feature over 5,800 pieces in 39 sessions, including the categories of Chinese painting and calligraphy, 20th century art and contemporary art, porcelain, furniture, works of arts, manuscripts, stamps and coins. It is going to be a cultural feast for collectors all over the world.

China Guardian will also hold a jade and jewelry trade fair from May 13 to 18 during the preview.

Chinese painting and calligraphy

The China Guardian 2015 Spring Auctions will bring together more than 1,200 masterpieces of famous artists in the Chinese painting and calligraphy category. Some are rare for the marketplace, and some belonging to the privation collections of certain families will appear at the auction for the first time. The auctions of Chinese painting and calligraphy will feature several special sessions, which are brilliant and worth the wait.

As for Chinese modern and contemporary painting and calligraphy, China Guardian always holds a consistent selection policy and stresses on the “concept of private collection”. It brings together more than 880 pieces of famous artworks that will be divided into six sessions, namely, "Grand View: Chinese Painting Highlights – Modern", "Modern Chinese Painting and Calligraphy", "Arts Talk in Pavilion - Collection by Chang Renxia", "Painting Collection from Xiaoxiao’s Studio", "Exquisite Selection of Fans", and "Contemporary Chinese Painting".

Regarding Chinese classical painting and calligraphy, China Guardian 2015 Spring Auctions will have over 370 pieces that will be sold in five sessions. These are "Grand View: Chinese Painting Highlight - Classical Calligraphy in Cursive Script by King Qian", "Grand View: Chinese Painting Highlight – Classical", "Classical Chinese Painting and Calligraphy", "Classical Chinese Paintings from Yisu Shanfang Collection", and "In pursuit of Epigraphy: Classical Chinese Calligraphy from mid-late Qing Dynasty".

Treasures gather at Grand View Night

Grand View Night, as a market benchmark, leads the Chinese art market with its excellent quality over the years. In this year’s spring auctions, "Grand View: Chinese Painting Highlight – Modern" includes a total of 100 masterpieces by modern artists. Two great creations by Pan Tianshou and Li Keran will highlight this session.

潘天寿 鹰石山花图  182.3x141.8cm..jpg
Artist: Pan Tianshou (1897-1971)

Artist Pan Tianshou’s Eagle, Rock and Flora once set a record for Chinese painting and calligraphy in an early China Guardian auction. Pan is a master of structure and his works are a spectacle with a grand, imposing manner. The work Eagle, Rock and Flora is a peak example of his creations.

李可染 井冈山.jpg
Artist: Li Keran (1907-1989)

Li Keran’s Jinggang Mountain was the artist’s creation for the Japanese Tang Museum in 1976. The size of the painting is particularly large and it is representative of Li’s work under the theme of sacred places of the Chinese revolution.

A specially designed session, "Grand View: Chinese Painting Highlight - The Path to Ancient Masters: Zhang Daqian before 1949", will present 15 masterpieces that represent Zhang’s professional career before 1949. The paintings cover themes of flowers and birds, figures, and landscapes in traditional Chinese painting. The work, Beauty Holding Lotus comes from an important American private collection. It depicts a beautiful woman holding a lotus and wearing a phoenix coronet on head. Every detail of her clothing is carefully done under Zhang’s brush and her luxurious clothing is vividly revealed.

钱俶 草书手简 (并铁券图式及宋元明清名贤题跋).jpg
Artist: Qian Chu (929-988)

"Grand View: Chinese Painting Highlight – Classical: Calligraphy in Cursive Script by King Qian" will feature 26 pieces. The hand scroll Calligraphy in Cursive Script by King Qian stands out and is hailed as the most valuable treasure.

"Grand View: Chinese Painting Highlight - Selected Paintings" from Xueliantang Studio Collection is a highlight of Grand View Night this year. This session gathers 38 masterpieces from great modern Chinese artists like Wu Changshuo, Zhang Daqian, Qi Baishi, Fu Baoshi, Li Keran and Wu Guanzhong.

Chinese 20th century art and contemporary art

This category brings together more than 200 quality artworks, which are divided into four sessions, namely, "20th Century Art" , "Contemporary Art I" , "Contemporary Art II" , and "The Art Journey of Wang Jiyuan". It covers oil paintings, sculptures, prints and watercolor paintings.

The session, "20th Century Art", gathers a series of works from artists who studied in France, like Pan Yuliang’s Paris Lake View, Wu Dayu’s Composing Rhymes – 63, Wu Zuoren’s Jialing River Bank and Li Ruinian’s Lotus Pond, as well as of those by artists who studied in Japan, like Guan Liang’s Power Station in Xin’an River and Guan Zilan’s House.

张恩利 吸烟  布面 油画 200×220cm.jpg
Artist: Zhang Enli (b.1965-)

Artist Zhang Enli’s work Smoking stands out in the "Contemporary Art I" session. The dramatic scene set in Smoking, combined with the rough brushstrokes and exaggerated color contrast means the picture profoundly expresses the features of the people smoking. "Contemporary Art II" strongly recommends Chen Danqing’s masterpiece Portrait of Tibetan Villagers, which was created in 1983.

陈丹青 《康巴汉子》 97×74 cm.jpg
Artist: Chen Danqing (b.1953 -)


The porcelain part of China Guardian 2015 Spring Auctions is divided into five sections, including porcelain, jade, red stoneware, Buddha statues, and wine. In total, there are eight sessions with nearly 1,000 pieces, namely, "Master's Collection: Contemporary Jade Carvings", "A Journey into the Chinese Imperial Porcelain and Jade Art", "Fine Gilt - Bronze Buddhist Images", "Modern and Contemporary Ceramics Art", "Collection of Yixing Zisha Pottery By Yi Yunzhai", "400 Years of Yixing Zisha Pottery Treasure of Yixing - Important Yixing Stoneware" and "Fine and Rare Wines of the World". This auction season, China Guardian reduces the number of lots in the porcelain sections and puts more emphasis on their outstanding quality.

清乾隆 茶叶末釉如意耳出戟橄榄瓶  32.5 cm. high..jpg
Dynasty: Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)

Ancient porcelain has always attracted the most attention at the auctions. "A Tea-Dust Glaze Vase in Lei-Shape" and "A Pair of Blue and White Vases with Scroll Flowers Pattern" are both priceless treasures created during the reign of the Qianlong Emperor of the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911).


清乾隆 青花缠枝莲纹双耳鹿头尊一对 44.3 cm. high..jpg 
Dynasty: Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)

"A Tea-Dust Glaze Vase in Lei-Shape" is modeled after the antique style of bronze ware. Among the existing tea-dust glaze vases handed down from ancient times, it is beyond doubt to say that this one is the best of its kind and rarely seen in the market place. It is one of the most valuable items in this auction season.

As a rare and exquisite example, " A Pair of Blue and White Vases with Scroll Flowers Pattern" on offer this time captivates with its appealing form, fine body, pastel glaze and fluid brushwork. It is indeed something rare to see such well-preserved large pieces of paired Qianlong kilns in recent years.

Furniture and Works of Art

Nearly 600 pieces of furniture and works of art will be presented at the China Guardian 2015 Spring Auction.

明晚期 黄花梨高靠背南官帽椅 58 × 43.5 × 108 cm 来源:Barling of Mount Street
Dynasty: Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

Among them, "Huanghuali Southern Official’s Hat Armchair" from the late Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644) features a very extravagant use of materials. The piece was in the collection of Lady Gisele Croes of Belgium. Modeled tall and straight, the chair shows a sense of dignity as well as an aesthetic taste through its curved line, which reflects the beauty of simplicity in Ming-style furniture.

Rare books and manuscripts 
China Guardian 2015 Spring Auctions feature three sessions and more than 400 pieces in this category, namely, "Letters and Manuscripts", "Rare Books and Rubbing Books" and "The Oriental Legend of Hyland Lyon - Hyland Lyon's Collection of Historic Photographs and Documentation". Among them, "Xin Bian Shi Wen Lei Ju Han Mo Quan Shu" by Liu Yingli is a highlight.

元刘应李辑 新编事文类聚翰墨全书 元刻巾箱本 1册.jpg
Artist: Liu Yingli

Stamps and Coins

More than 2,000 stamps and coins will be presented in four special sessions at the China Guardian 2015 Spring Auctions, which is definitely worth your attention.

明“长沙府 天启元年 岁供足金”伍拾两金锭 重:1805g.jpg

Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)


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