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2019 Autumn Auctions
Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art

Luis Chan (1904-1995)
Party(Painted in 1988)

Acrylic on paper

46 x 61.5 cm. 18 1/9 x 24 1/5 in.

Signed in English and dated on bottom left
Private Collection, USA

A World Full of Vitality. A Metaphor of an Era.
Luis Chan's Characters of Wonder

Luis Chan, whose artistic career spans the entire twentieth century, is recognized as a pioneer of modern art in Hong Kong. Rich in imagination and fantasy, his work has been portraying every walk of life since the 1980s. His many paintings of illusionary urban scenery are infused with hippie spirit, and have become the portrayal of an era.

A Kaleidoscopic Party Scene
Warm-hearted and keen on socializing, Chan is a frequenter of salons and parties. The work, Party, is based on his observation of his surroundings. Its scattered perspective presents a carnival party scene. Transformed by imagination, the figures appear in a variety of shapes and metaphorical colors. The varying size indicates each figure's social position, and the Guernica-style fragmentary contour further insinuates the “power transfer” nature of metropolitan cities. Chan's painting blurs the boundary between the west and the east. With fertile imagination and creativity, he has visualized our delusions and dreams throughout time.

Price estimate:
HKD: 20,000 – 40,000
USD: 2,600 – 5,100

Auction Result:
HKD: 165,200



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