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Important Notice

Please note the following information regarding the Sale of China Guardian Hong Kong 2015 Spring Auctions:

20th Century and Contemporary Chinese Art:

Lot 764    Chu The-Chun “Composition No. 16”: Please be noted that there is an additional signature: Signed in Chinese and Pinyin, dated “1959” and titled “No.16” on the reverse. Additionally, a 1960s Galerie H. Le Gendre Gallery, Paris label affixed to the stretcher on the reverse.

Lot 767    T’ang Haywen “The great Ultimate (Tai Ji)”: This work will be included in the forthcoming catalogue raisonné prepared by Philippe Koutouzis under the number: S52-LDI-2


Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art:

Lot 531 “Qing Dynasty, Yongzheng (1723-1735) A Ge-Type Five-Hole Vase"condition is that one of the small holes has been slightly amended.

Lot 648 “Qing Dynasty, 18th Century An Inscribed Bamboo 'Cabbage' Brushpot"has been withdrawn.

Lot 656 “Qing Dynasty, Qianlong (1736-1795) A Reticulated Bamboo Incense Holder"has been withdrawn.

Lot 689 “Western Han Dynasty  (206BC-AD9) A Pair of Gilt-Bronze 'Deer' Seating Weights"has been withdrawn.


Chinese Painting and Calligraphy from the Four Seas:

Lot 55      Zhang Daqian ‘Cherry ‘has an additional publication: Please refer detail to Chinese version.

Lot 85 Huang Junbi ‘Waterful in Cloudy Mountain’ has an additional note: Please refer detail to Chinese version.

Lot 87      Zhang Daqian ‘Seven-Character Couplet In Running Script ‘has an additional provenance:

Christie’s Hong Kong 2005 Spring, Lot 816

Lot 104 Qi Baishi ‘Shrimps’ should be mounted for framing

Lot 130    Qian Songyan ‘Landscape’:  The size should be 46X35cm

Lot 137    Liu Haisu ‘Landscape After Shi Tao ‘has an additional publication: Please refer detail  to Chinese version.

Lot 313    Hong Yi ‘Seven-Character Couplet In Running Script’: The size should be 65X14cm(each)

Lot 319    Wu Dacheng ‘Seven-Character Couplet In Seal Script’ should be ink on paper


Enlightenment From Beyond Selected Paintings and Calligraphy by Wang Chi-Yuan

Lot 142  Wang Jiyuan ‘Azaleas‘ should be mixed media



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