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[Result] China Guardian Hong Kong 2015 Spring Auctions

China Guardian Hong Kong 2015 Spring Auctions was held between 4 – 7 April 2015 (Preview: 4-5; Auction: 6-7) at the Ballroom in the JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong. The auctions featured almost 1,000 pieces across six sessions, achieved total HK$253 million.


20th Century and Contemporary Chinese Art

Total lots:36 ; Total sales: HKD 38,105,300


Dedicated to the profundity of oriental aesthetics, the session was carefully designed with special focuses. There champion lot was Wang Huaiqing’s Chinese Couch, which was sold for HKD10,350,000.  In addition, an interesting novelty is the choicest selection of masterpieces by Foujita (Léonard Tsuguharu), Yayoi Kusama and Izumi Kato, who are invariably top Japanese artists by international standards.


Wang Huaiqing (b.1944-)

Chinese Couch

Oil on canvas

140 x 197 cm
Price realized: HKD 10,350,000


Chu The-Chun
Composition No. 16
Price realized: HKD 9,430,000


Kusama Yayoi
Still Life With Pumpkins
Price realized: HKD 3,335,000


Radiant Ancient Glorious Bronze – Collection from Muwen Tang

Total lots:50; Total sales: 16,407,100


Another special session featured was the Radiant Ancient Glorious Bronze – Collection from Muwen Tang. China’s bronze culture dates back thousands of years, the bronze culture of China Proper actually embodied Chinese culture over a vast area and a long period of time. Utilitarian as well as artistic, Chinese bronzes are remarkable works of art and technology and are, at the same time, relics of immense historical and cultural importance.


Late Warring States, Eastern Zhou Dynasty (475-221 BC)

A Sliver-Inlaid Bronze Round Vessel, Hu

Price realized: HKD 1,380,000


Late Shang o Early Western Zhou Dynasty, 11th century BC

A Bronze Ritual Food Vessel, Gui

Price realized: HKD 1,127,000


A Roomful of Ming Furniture – Lu Ming Shi Collection, Brussels

Total lots: 11pcs; 100% sold; Total sales: HKD53,705,000


At this Spring Auctions, China Guardian presented two sets of Ming furniture, namely a set of six rose chairs and a pair of square corner cabinets both datable to the late Ming, from the Belgian collector Mr. Philippe De Backer’s Lu Ming Shi Collection. The session “A Roomful of Ming Furniture – Lu Ming Shi Collection, Brussels” was very much spotlighted for its beauty.


Set of six rose chairs

Huanghuali wood

late 16th to early 17th century

Width  59.3cm

Depth  45.5cm

Height  88.5cm

Price realized: HKD 29,900,000


Pair of square corner cabinets

Huanghuali wood

late 16th to early 17th century

Width 102.3 cm

Depth 57.1 cm

Height 198.1 cm

Price realized: HKD 20,700,000


This session was a white glove auction in which 100% of the lots were sold, A ‘White Glove Sale certificate’ was presented to the auctioneer, Mr. Xu Jun. 


Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art

Total lots: 255Total Sales: HKD 41,944,000


The limelight was on the fine and rare pair of doucai “longevity” dishes. Then reaching its pinnacle, the doucai ware of the Yongzheng period stands out for its elegant form and refined daintiness. As a rare and exquisite example, the pair on offer this time captivates with its appealing form, fine body, pastel glaze and fluid brushwork. It was previously in the collection of Chao Tsong-yea’s family and the Shimentang Collection but disappeared from the market altogether following their sale at the 1986 autumn auctions of Sotheby’s Hong Kong. Its availability as a complete pair this quarter will surely be a sensation.


A Pair of Doucai 'Longevity' Dishes

Marks and Period of Yongzheng (1723-1735)

20.6 cm. diam.
Price realized: HKD 5,750,000


The cinnabar lacquer “four seasons floral” four-fold screen, exceptional for its large size, thick lacquer and elaborate carving, is also not to be missed. Set within a frame of peony sprays, the panels borrow their themes from flowers of the four seasons. The superb and sophisticated design and techniques demonstrated are no doubt typical of the imperial style of the Qianlong reign. The new master of such a rare treasure will naturally be the envy of all.


Qing Dynasty, Qianlong (1736-1795)

A Cinnabar Lacquer ‘Four Seasons Floral’ Four-Fold Screen

Price realized: HKD 5,635,000


Mark and Period of Yongzheng (1723-1735)

An Underglaze-Blue and Yellow-Enamel ‘Lotus’ Dish

Price realized: HKD 2,530,000


Early Western Zhou Dynasty, 11th century DC

A Bronze Ritual Wine Vessel, You

Price realized: HKD 3,450,000


Chinese Painting and Calligraphy from the Four Seas

Total lots: 411; Total Sales: HKD34,937,000


Chines painting and calligraphy from four seas featured more than 300 pieces in number, originate from around the world. The highlight of this season was definitely Zhang Daqian's Landscape after Shixi, dated 1948, which was sold for HKD17,250,000. The master has few surviving works in the style of Shixi, not to mention such a meticulous composition from his prime that betrays his familiarity with the tradition.


Zhang Daqian


Price realized:HKD17,250,000


Qi Baishi

Hongxian Stealing Box

Price realized: HKD 4,255,000


Enlightenment from Beyond – Selected Paintings and Calligraphy by Wang Chi-Yuan

Total lots: 60; 100% sold; Total sales: HKD 6,103,050


Wang Jiyuan


Price realized: HKD 368,000


Wang Jiyuan


Price realized: 299,000


China Guardian reintroduced Wang Chi-Yuan to the collecting community in our aspiration to lead the market with scholarship and in our hope of restoring painters and painting bodies of the period to their former glamour.


This session was a white glove auction in which 100% of the lots were sold, A ‘White Glove Sale certificate’ was presented to the auctioneer, Mr. Fang Min. 


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